en liten boll

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French: une boule

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en liten boll Swedish

Frenchune boule

en liten by Swedish

Frenchun petit village

en liten bit Swedish

Frenchun petit morceau

en liten slag Swedish

Frenchpetit battement

en liten pojke Swedish

Italianun bambino

en liten stad Swedish

Spanishuna ciudad peqena

en liten stund Swedish

Englishfor a while

en liten påse Swedish

Spanishuna bolsita

en liten klunk Swedish

Englisha sip of

en liten Swedish

Englisha small one
Spanishuna pequena

en liten lögn Swedish


en liter Swedish

Englishone litre
Frenchun litre
Germanein Liter

en liten väska Swedish

Frenchun petit sac

en liten flicka Swedish

Italianuna bambina

en liter mjölk Swedish

Russianлитр молока

en liten skojare Swedish

Englisha little cheat

en hel del Swedish

Englisha lot, quite a bit, quite a lot, a lot of, quite a few

en la tele Spanish

Swedishpå tv