en sträcka

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French: une distance

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en sträcka Swedish

Frenchune distance

en stjärna Swedish

Frenchune étoile
Lule Saminásste

en struntsak Swedish

Englisha trifle

en stövel Swedish

Spanishuna bota

en strid Swedish

Spanishuna lucha

enstaka Swedish

Englishodd, occasional

en stor sak Swedish

Englisha big deal

en stund Swedish

Englisha while, a white, awhile, for a while
Frenchun moment
Germaneine Weile
Spanishun momento

en stil Swedish

Frenchun style

en stormarknad Swedish

Spanishun supermercado

en sådan Swedish

Englishsuch a
Germanso eine

enstämmig Swedish


en stor fest Swedish

Frenchune grande fête

en stor puss Swedish

Frenchtrès gros baiser

en stor stad Swedish

Spanishuna ciudad grande

en sötsak Swedish

Spanishun dulce

en skada Swedish

Englishan injury

en stor del Swedish

Spanishbuena parte

en stämning Swedish

Frenchune ambiance

en stor mängd Swedish

Englishlots of

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