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Spanish: una cita, Italian: un appuntamento

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en träff Swedish

Italianun appuntamento
Spanishuna cita

en tråd Swedish

Frenchun fil

en träbit Swedish

Englisha piece of wood

en tröja Swedish

Englisha jumper
Frenchune jupe
Germanein Pullover
Spanishun jersey

enträgen Swedish

Englishpressing, instant

en tren Spanish

Swedishmed tåg

en trakt Swedish

Frenchune région

entrée French


en trappa Swedish

Frenchun escalier

en trosa Swedish

Frenchun slip

entrén Swedish

Englishthe entrance
Germander Eingang

enträget Swedish


en train French

Swedishmed tåg

endräkt Swedish


en trave Swedish

Englisha stack of

en dröm Swedish

Frenchun rêve

en tränare Swedish

Frenchun entraineur

entré Swedish

Englishentrance, lobby, hallway

entreno Spanish

Swedishjag tränar

entreat English

Swedishbesvärja, bönfalla, enträget be

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