il va aller

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Swedish: han ska åka

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il va aller French

Swedishhan ska åka

illvillig Swedish

Englishmalevolent, malicious, vicious, spiteful

iallafall Swedish


il fallait French

Swedishvi var tvungna

i alla fall Swedish

Englishanyway, all the same, still, at any rate, though, nevertheless, after all, anyhow
Frenchquand même, tout de même, quand meme
Germantrotzdem, sowieso, ohnehin, jedenfalls, trotzden, aber doch
Spanishde todas maneras, total, vamos, en todo caso, ben que mal, mal que bien

illvilja Swedish

Englishspitefulness, despite, malice

i alla fall Swedish


il vulcano Italian


il pleut French

Swedishdet regnar, regnet