klarade av

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English: finished, German: erledigt

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klarade av Swedish


klarade det Swedish

Englishmade it

klarade Swedish


klara det Swedish

Englishmake it

klara ut Swedish


klarhet Swedish

Englishserenity, clarity

klarheter Swedish


klarat mig Swedish

Englishcome through

klarade provet Swedish

Englishpassed the test

kloridjon Swedish

Chemical signCl-

klart Swedish

Englishbright, clearly, ready, brightly, definitely, clear, settled

klart slut Swedish

Englishover and out

klara ett prov Swedish

Englishpass a test, pass an exam

klarröd Swedish

Englishbright red

klarade mig bra Swedish

Englishdid well

klara ett test Swedish

Englishpass a test

klär dig Swedish

Englishsuits you