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German: das Menü, die Speisekarte, French: la carte, Spanish: la carta, el menú, la lista

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menyn Swedish

Frenchla carte
Germandas Menü, die Speisekarte
Spanishla carta, el menú, la lista

meinen German

Dutchbedoel, bedoelen
Norwegianmene, synes
Swedishmena, tycka, anse, säga

munen Swedish

Frenchle bouche
Spanishla boca

minion English

Swedishfavorit, kelgris, hejduk, hantlangare, gunstling, någons kreatur

manana Spanish

Swedishimorgon, i morgon

munnen Swedish

Englishthe mouth
Frenchla bouche
Germander Mund
Spanishla boca

mannen Swedish

Englishthe man
Frenchel homme, l'homme
Germander Mann
Spanishel hombre, el marido, el esposo

maman French


minnen Swedish

Englishmemories, memoirs

minime Latin

Germanam wenigsten
Swedishinte alls

mamman Swedish

Englishthe mother
Frenchla mère
Germandie Mutter, die Mama
Italianla madre, la mamma
Spanishla madre, la mamá

minema Estonian


min man Swedish

Frenchmon mari

mon ami French

Swedishmin vän

mein Name German

Portugueseo meu nome

mannamån Swedish


myöhemmin Finnish


min mamma Swedish

Englishmy mother
Frenchma mère
Spanishmi madre