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English: non-personal tax, German: Realsteuer, French: impôt réel, Spanish: impuesto real, Italian: imposta reale, Greek: πραγματικός φόρoς, Czech: věcná daň

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reaalivero Finnish

Czechvěcná daň
Danishtinglig skat
Dutchzakelijke belasting
Englishnon-personal tax
Frenchimpôt réel
Greekπραγματικός φόρoς
Hungariantárgyi dó
Italianimposta reale
Latvianreālais nodoklis
Polishpodatek realny
Portugueseimposto real
Slovenianrealni davek
Spanishimpuesto real
Swedishicke personlig skatt

relevar Spanish


roll over English

Swedishrulla över

rulla över Swedish

Englishroll over

rullbord Swedish


Roll over! English

SwedishRulla runt!