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Swedish: skaka hand, hälsa, ta i hand

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shake hands English

Swedishskaka hand, hälsa, ta i hand

skaka hand Swedish

Englishshake hands
Germansich die Hände schütteln

shake hands with English

Swedishskaka hand med

skakande Swedish

Englishshaky, tremorous, shakily, trembling
Frenchbouleversé, bouleversée, affolant, affolante

seconds English

Swedishsekunder, ombackning, en andra portion, en portion till

sjukande Swedish


second hand English

Swedishandra hand, begagnat, begagnad

skaka hand med Swedish

Englishshake hands with

saknad Swedish

Englishmissing, wanted

sie sind German

Englishthey're, they are
Swedishde är

saknade Swedish

Englishmissed, lacked

se canta Spanish

Swedishman sjunger

secondo Italian

Swedishenligt, 2:a rätt, andra, varmrätt

schickend German


sessanta Italian

Swedish60, sextio

seconde French


sekahinta Finnish

Czechsmíšená cena
Danishblandet pris
Dutchgemengde prijs
Englishmixed price
Frenchprix mixte
Germangemischter Preis
Greekμικτή τιμή
Hungarianvegyes ár
Italianprezzo misto
Latvianjauktā cena
Polishcena mieszana
Portuguesepreço misto
Slovenianmešana cena
Spanishprecio mixto
Swedishblandat pris

secundus Latin

Swedishandra, gynnsam, lovande, 2a

secunda Latin

Swedishandra, gynnsam, lovande

Sie sind German

Swedishni är

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