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English: act out

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spela upp Swedish

Englishact out

spela apa Swedish

Englishmonkey around

spela fel Swedish

Englishfluff it

spela på Swedish


spela fiol Swedish

Englishfiddle, play the violin

spelevink Swedish

Spanishbarbián, barbiána, bromista

spellbound English

Swedishförtrollad, trollbunden

spelfält Swedish


spelfilm Swedish

Englishfeature film

spola bort Swedish

Englishwash away

spela pajas Swedish

Englishplay the fool
Spanishhacer el bobo

spelplan Swedish

Englishprogramme, court, pith, pitch

spela piano Swedish

Englishplay the piano
Frenchjouer du piano
GermanKlavier spielen
Spanishtocar el piano

spelpjäs Swedish


spelbarhet Swedish


spela upp igen Swedish


spelbar Swedish


spela basket Swedish

Englishplay basket, play basketball
Frenchjouer au basket, joue au basket
GermanBasketball spielen, basketball speilen

skvalp Swedish


spela flöjt Swedish

Frenchjoner de la flûte
Latintibias canere

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