un castillo

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Swedish: en borg

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un castillo Spanish

Swedishen borg

un cuchillo Spanish

Swedishen kniv

un caso Spanish

Swedishett mål, ett jobb, ett fall

un cassiere Italian

Swedishen kassör

un asesino Spanish

Swedishen mördare

un costume French

Swedishen kostym

un chico Spanish

Swedishen pojke

un cugino Italian

Swedishen killkusin

un cazo Spanish

Swedishen gryta

une casserole French

Swedishen kastrull

una casa Spanish

Swedishett hus, en villa

un cocodrilo Spanish

Swedishen krokodil

un chiste Spanish

Swedishett skämt, en rolig historia

un chocolat French

Swedishen choklad

unjustiert German


unaccessible English


una casa Italian

Swedishett hus

un zeste de French

Swedishen smula, en droppe

un asesinato Spanish

Swedishett mord

una cosa Italian

Swedishen sak

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