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Swedish: en citron

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un citron French

Swedishen citron

unction English

Swedishsalvelse, smörjelse

un gato Spanish

Swedishen katt

una cita Spanish

Swedishen träff

un site French

Englisha place, a site

un cuadro Spanish

Swedishen tavla

un gatto Italian

Swedishen katt

un chat French

Swedishen katt

unscathed English


un stylo French

Swedishen kulspetspenna, en bläckpenna

un gatito Spanish

Swedishen kattunge

un cadeau French

Swedishen present

una ciudad Spanish

Swedishen stad

un acteur French

Swedishen skådespelare

unecht German


une actrie French

Swedishen skådespelerska

un giude French

Germanein Reiseführer, ein Fremdenführer

un style French

Swedishen stil

unstrap English

Swedishspänna loss, knyta loss, lossa

umsetzen German


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