un coche

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Swedish: en bil

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un coche Spanish

Swedishen bil

un cochon French

Swedishen gris

un coca French

Swedishen cocacola

un cazo Spanish

Swedishen gryta

una cosa Italian

Swedishen sak

un costume French

Swedishen kostym

un secret French

Swedishen hemlighet

una cosa Spanish

Swedishen sak

une chose French

Swedishen sak

unsicher German


un chico Spanish

Swedishen pojke

una cocina Spanish

Swedishett kök

un chiste Spanish

Swedishett skämt, en rolig historia

un couchemar French

Swedishen mardröm

un caso Spanish

Swedishett mål, ett jobb, ett fall

una cuchara Spanish

Swedishen sked

un jus French

Swedishen juice, juice

una chica Spanish

Swedishen flicka

une chaise French

Swedishen stol

una casa Spanish

Swedishett hus, en villa

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