un placard

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Swedish: ett skåp

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un placard French

Swedishett skåp

un plan French

Swedishen karta

un polar French

Swedishen deckare

une plante French

Germaneine Pflanze

unblocked English


un palmier French

Englisha palm tree

una peluca Spanish

Englisha wig

una pelada Spanish

Englisha bald patch

unbleached English


unbalanced English


unpleasant English

Swedishotrevlig, obehaglig

une fleur French

Swedishen blomma

un fleuve French

Swedishen flod

un bledo Spanish

Swedishett dugg, ett vitten

un blouson French

Swedishen jacka

un volcán Spanish

Swedishen vulkan

una pelicula Spanish

Swedishen film

una flor Spanish

Swedishen blomma

una pulsera Spanish

Swedishett armband

un balcón Spanish

Swedishen balkong

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