en vulkan

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Spanish: un volcán

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en vulkan Swedish

Spanishun volcán

en vilja Swedish


en plan Swedish


en villa Swedish

Spanishun chale, un chalé, un chalè, una casa

en balkong Swedish

Spanishun balcón

en val Swedish

Lule Samisváles

en valp Swedish

Spanishun perrito

en bulle Swedish

Spanishun bollo

en plein French

Swedishmitt i

en blanc French

Swedishi vitt

en bolas Spanish

Swedishnäck, naken

en ville French

Swedishi stan, i staden

en fluga Swedish

Spanishuna mosca

en plass Norwegian


en aval French

Swedishpå dalsidan

en plus French


en boll Swedish

Frenchun ballon, une balle

en polis Swedish

Frenchun policieur

en apelsin Swedish

Frenchune orange

en blixt Swedish

Frenchun éclair

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