una carpeta

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Swedish: en mapp

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una carpeta Spanish

Swedishen mapp

una carta Spanish

Swedishett brev

un carnet French

Germanein Heftchen

una cereza Spanish

Swedishett körsbär

una ciruela Spanish

Swedishett plommon

uma cerveja Portuguese

Germanein Bier

una jarra Spanish

Swedishen kanna

una ciruela Spanish

Swedishett plomon

una coartada Spanish

Swedishett alibi

una sorpresa Spanish

Swedishen överraskning, det är en överraskning

una cortina Spanish

Swedishen gardin

une carotte French

Swedishen morot

una cartolina Italian

Swedishett vykort

una sartén Spanish

Swedishen stekpanna

una cara seria Spanish

Englisha serious face

une gare French

Swedishen station

un cahier French

Swedishen skrivbok, en anteckningsbok

une caravate French

Swedishen slips

una serpiente Spanish

Swedishen orm

una jirafa Spanish

Swedishen giraff

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