una mosca

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Swedish: en fluga

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una mosca Spanish

Swedishen fluga

una mesa Spanish

Swedishett bord

una meseta Spanish

Swedishen högplatå

una mezcla Spanish

Swedishen blandning

unamused English


una mesilla Spanish

Swedishett nattduksbord, ett sängbord

una mujer Spanish

Swedishen kvinna

una mochila Spanish

Swedishen väska

un oncle French

Swedishen morbror

une maison French

Germanein Haus
Swedishett hus

una mecedonia Spanish

Swedishen fruktsallad

une moustache French

Swedishen mustasch

un instant French


unionist English


una ensalada Spanish

Englishen sallad
Swedishen sallad

un hamster Spanish

Swedishen hamster

uninstall English


unangenehm German


uneinig German


unangepasst German


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