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  • I would study Japanese if I ____ (MINULLA OLISI) a teacher. HAD
  • If you _____ (VOISIT OPISKELLA) anything at all, what would you study? COULD STUDY
  • ____ you _____ (HARKITSISITKO) working for animals, their safety and health, if you were given the opportunity? WOULD YOU CONSIDER
  • If you ________ (TYÖSKENTELISIT) with animals before, would you have liked it? WORKED
  • ___ you ___ (JATKAISITKO) studying after lower secondary school, if it possible? WOULD YOU CONTINUE
  • In what subjects ___ you ____ (PITÄISI PARANTAA) in order to be able to get in to the school you want to? SHOULD YOU IMPROVE
  • If you ______ (ALOITTAISIT) studying to become a plumber, would you need to know how to fix water lines already? TOOK UP
  • If you ____ (MENISIT) to high school, would you need to have perfect studying skills already? WENT
  • If my best friends left for home at the same time as I _____ (LÄHTISIN) with them. WOULD LEAVE
  • If I practiced playing the saxophone, I ___ (rakastaisin) to give concerts. WOULD LOVE
  • If my Mom took me, I _____ (OLISIN) glad to be able to go play ice hockey in the ice stadium. WOULD BE
  • She ______ (TOISI) me earlier already if I asked her. WOULD BRING
  • If ice skating was an occupation, I ________ (VALITSISIN) to do it for the rest of my life. WOULD CHOOSE
  • Figuring out my strengths would be a whole lot easier, if there ___ (OLISI) a ready made form or questionnaire to help determine them. WAS
  • If you were ambitious enough, you ____ (PYRKISIT) building a successful career in your field. WOULD PURSUE
  • If you worked hard all your life, you ___ (SAISIT) a pension when you retire. WOULD GET

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