Maus: Mouse Holes

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  • drainpipe a pipe where the water from the roof drops down
  • a handyman a fixer
  • meshugah an insane person
  • afford can pay for
  • my nerves are completely shot I am stressed out
  • a condo an apartment
  • slashed wrists wrists cuts
  • the words clattered inside the words echoed in my mind
  • moaned sighed, groaned
  • spaced out zoned out
  • nauseous sick
  • a shrine altar
  • a bunker shelter
  • a battlefield war zone
  • deported exiled
  • Judenrat Jewish council
  • kombinator manipulator
  • nitrostat pill medicin for heart
  • illustrious prominent
  • afford it be able to pay for it
  • a drug store pharmacy
  • seizure attack
  • intend to plan to
  • nephew sister´s / brother´s son
  • on a moment’s notice immediately
  • approached neared
  • remained stayed
  • estate property

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