det beror på

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English: depend, it depends, it depends on, that depends, Spanish: depende, Italian: dipende da, dipende

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det beror på Swedish

Englishdepend, it depends, it depends on, that depends
Italiandipende da, dipende

Det beror på! Swedish

EnglishIt depends!

det beror på ... Swedish

Spanishdepende de ...

Det beror på dig Swedish

EnglishIt depends on you

det bor Swedish

Germanes wonht

det berättar Swedish


det verkar som Swedish

Englishit seems
Frenchil paraît que
Italiansembra che
Spanishparece que

det börjar Swedish

Spanishempieza, comienza

det förstår Swedish


det börjar ... Swedish

Germandas fängt ... an

det börjar 1 Swedish


det var bra Swedish

Englishfine, it's a good thing

det börjar 4 Swedish

Italianalle quattro

det var rea Swedish

Englishthere was a sale on

det brinner Swedish

Englishthere is a fire

det börjar 2 Swedish

Italianalle due

det verkar Swedish

Frenchil parait, il semble que
Spanishparece, parecer

det vore Swedish

Englishit were

det borde vara Swedish

Englishit should be