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English: regional culture, German: Regionalkultur, French: culture régionale, Spanish: cultura regional, Italian: cultura regionale, Greek: τoπική πoλιτιστική παράδoση

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egnskultur Danish

Czechregionální kultura
Dutchregionale cultuur
Englishregional culture
Finnishalueellinen kulttuuri
Frenchculture régionale
Greekτoπική πoλιτιστική παράδoση
Hungarianregionális kultúra
Italiancultura regionale
Latvianreģionālā kultūra
Polishkultura regionalna
Portuguesecultura regional
Slovenianregionalna kultura
Spanishcultura regional
Swedishregional kultur

egenskaper Swedish

Englishproperties, features, qualities

egenkär Swedish

Englishconceited, complacent

egenskapen Swedish

Frenchla qualité
Germandie Eigenschaft

egenskap Swedish

Englishtrait, property, quality

egenmäktig Swedish

Frenchabsolu, absolue

egensinnig Swedish