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Swedish: i form

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en forme French

Swedishi form

en forma Spanish

Swedishi form

enforce English

Swedishupprätthålla, genomdriva

en ferie Danish

Swedishett lov

en firma Swedish

Englisha business

enferma Spanish


enforces English


en fart Swedish

Spanishuna velocidad

en fer French

Swedishav järn

enfermo Spanish


enfermer French

Swedishstänga in

en forma de Spanish

Swedishi form av

en borg Swedish

Spanishun castillo

enformig Swedish

Englishmonotonous, humdrum, repetitive

en farmor Swedish

Frenchune grande-mère
Italianuna nonna

en breve Spanish

Swedishinom kort, snart

en brorsa Swedish

Frenchun frangin

enformigt Swedish


enformiga Swedish


en farfar Swedish

Frenchun grande-père
Italianun nonno
Spanishun abuelo

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