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Spanish: un mal bicho

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en ful fisk Swedish

Spanishun mal bicho

en flaska Swedish

Spanishuna botella

en polis Swedish

Frenchun policieur

en flicka Swedish

Englishone girl
Frenchune fille
Spanishuna chica

en fläck Swedish

Englisha stain

en flirt Swedish

Englisha fling

en plus French


en bulle Swedish

Spanishun bollo

en vulkan Swedish

Spanishun volcán

en blixt Swedish

Frenchun éclair

en flykting Swedish

Spanishun refuglados

en bolas Spanish

Swedishnäck, naken

enfaldig Swedish

Spanishbaboso, babosa, bendito, bendita, bobo, boba

en flagga Swedish

Lule Samislávggá

en flor Spanish

Swedishi blom

en film Swedish

Spanishuna pelicula, una película

en fläta Swedish

Frenchune tresse

en blus Swedish

Englisha blouse
Frenchun chemisier, un cemisier

en plein French

Swedishmitt i

en flod Swedish

Frenchun fleuve
Spanishun rio

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