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Swedish: en polis

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un policieur French

Swedishen polis

un voleur French

Englisha thief

un palmier French

Englisha palm tree

un polar French

Swedishen deckare

una pelicula Spanish

Swedishen film

un boligrafo Spanish

Swedishen kulspetspenna

unbeliever English


une fleur French

Swedishen blomma

un volcán Spanish

Swedishen vulkan

un placard French

Swedishett skåp

un biljou French

Swedishett smycke, en ädelsten

un fleuve French

Swedishen flod

un plan French

Swedishen karta

unplug English

Swedishkoppla ur, dra ur, dra ut sladden, dra ur sladden

une valise French

Germanein Koffer
Swedishen resväska, en väska

une poule French

Swedishen höna

un pull jaune French

Swedishen gul tröja

une pelouse French

Englisha grass lawn

une plante French

Germaneine Pflanze

un bol French

Swedishen skål

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