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English: right now, at the moment, currently, for the time being, just now, German: momentan, genau, zurzeit, zur Zeit, French: actuellement, Spanish: por ahora, ahora mismo

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just nu Swedish

Englishright now, at the moment, currently, for the time being, just now
Germanmomentan, genau, zurzeit, zur Zeit
Spanishpor ahora, ahora mismo, hoy por hoy

just now English

Swedishnyss, just nu, precis nu

just nii Estonian

Swedishjust det

just när Swedish

Englishjust as
Germangerade, als

just den Swedish

Italianpropio quello

just enough English


just then English

Germangerade dann
Swedishprecis då

justness English


jakten Swedish

Englishthe hunt
Frenchla chasse
Germandie Jagd

jakthund Swedish

Englishhunting-dog, hound

jestingly English


just in time English

Swedishi sista ögonblicket, precis i tid

jacketing English


just a minute English

Swedishett ögonblick, ett ögonblick bara, vänta lite

just my luck English

Swedishmin vanliga otur, min vanliga tur, min vanliga olycka

just in case English

Finnishvarmuuden vuoksi

juguetón Spanish


jaktmark Swedish

Englishhunting ground

just a moment English

Estonianüks hetk
Swedishett ögonblick

jag stannar Swedish

Italianmi fermo

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