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English: upbraid, berate, tell off, lecture, German: abkanzeln

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läxa upp Swedish

Englishupbraid, berate, tell off, lecture

läsa upp Swedish

Englishchant, read out, read it out, recite

lösa upp Swedish


låsa upp Swedish


lägga upp Swedish

Englishput up

läs upp Swedish

Englishread it out

lysa upp Swedish

Englishkindle, flood, illuminate, light up

läsa av Swedish


lägga av Swedish

Englishcome off it, quit

lock up English

Swedishlåsa in, låsa, stänga

look up English

Swedishtitta upp

lägg av! Swedish

Englishdo me a favour!

la jupe French

Swedishkjolen, skolen

läspa Swedish


lägga ihop Swedish

Englishadd together, tot up, add

lägga på Swedish

Englishhang up, impose
Germanauflegen, abhängen
Spanishcolgue, colgar

lägg av Swedish

Englishcome off it, give over, shut up, lay off it, stop it, get off, come of it, cut it out, quit, break it up
Italianma dai

la copa Spanish


Lägg av! Swedish

EnglishCut it out!, Lay off it!, Lay it off!, Knock it off!
Spanish¡Ya está bien!

löksoppa Swedish

Englishonion soup

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