un carnet

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German: ein Heftchen

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un carnet French

Germanein Heftchen

un cahier French

Swedishen skrivbok, en anteckningsbok

una carpeta Spanish

Swedishen mapp

un corso Italian

Swedishen huvudgata, en kurs

un escargot French

Swedishen snigel

un serpent French

Swedishen orm

una carta Spanish

Swedishett brev

un jersey Spanish

Swedishen tröja

un garcon French

Swedishen pojke

un quart French

Swedishen fjärdedel

un garage French

Swedishett garage, en bilverkstad

une carotte French

Swedishen morot

unicorn English


ungkarlen Swedish

Spanishel soltero

unguarded English


ungrare Swedish


une gare French

Swedishen station

uncaring English


un cœur French

Swedishett hjärta

un gurka Swedish

Frenchune concombre

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