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Swedish: på skoj, på skämt

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en broma Spanish

Swedishpå skoj, på skämt

en bra Swedish

Englisha good one

en brorsa Swedish

Frenchun frangin

en bror Swedish

Frenchun frangin, un frère
Italianun fratello
Spanishun hermano

en bro Swedish

Lule Samiråvve
Spanishun puente

en forma Spanish

Swedishi form

en bräda Swedish

Englisha board

enferma Spanish


en firma Swedish

Englisha business

en bruto Spanish


en breve Spanish

Swedishinom kort, snart

en borg Swedish

Spanishun castillo

en bar Swedish

Spanishun bar

en burk Swedish

Germaneine Dose

en pareja Spanish

Swedishi par

en barco Spanish

Swedishmed båt

en fråga Swedish

Englisha question
Spanishuna pregunta

enfermo Spanish


en barndom Swedish

Frenchune enfance

embroil English

Swedishinveckla i strid

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