ung landmand

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English: young farmer, German: junger Landwirt, French: jeune exploitant agricole, Spanish: joven agricultor, Italian: giovane agricoltore, Greek: vεαρός αγρότης

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ung landmand Danish

Czechmladý zemědělec
Dutchjonge landbouwer
Englishyoung farmer
Finnishnuori viljelijä
Frenchjeune exploitant agricole
Germanjunger Landwirt
Greekvεαρός αγρότης
Hungarianfiatal gazdálkodó
Italiangiovane agricoltore
Latvianjaunais lauksaimnieks
Polishmłody rolnik
Portuguesejovem agricultor
Slovenianmladi kmet
Spanishjoven agricultor
Swedishung jordbrukare

un gallina Spanish

Swedishen fegis

una calva Spanish

Englisha bald patch

unglaublich German

Englishunbelievable, incredible, amazing

une salade French

Swedishen sallad

un salon French

Swedishett vardagsrum, en salong

un climat French

Germanein Klima