English dictionary - t


ta betalt - tactical nuclear weapon tactician - take a lift take a little trouble - take pictures take pity on somebody - taking taking into care by the authorities - tanker tankers - target price targeting - tariff nomenclature tariff policy - tartare tarty - tax burden tax collection - tax harmonisation tax incentive - tax on consumption tax on employment income - tax rebate tax reform - taxable income taxation - taxpayer




(teeth) - teachers lounge teaches - teaching quality teaching role - technical barrier technical ceramics - technical rule technical specification - technology technology assessment - telecommunications equipment telecommunications industry - telephone operator telescope - tell me your names tell of - temporary employment temporary employment agency - tendering tenderly - terminology terminus - territorial dispute territorial enclave - terrorism terrorist - textbook textbook and teaching aids - texture agent


11th - that is right that is where - thatch thatched - the Arctic Ocean the arm - the bird has flown the bird of prey - the cat meows the cat next door - the congress the construction programme - the dishwashing liquid the dissatisfaction - the farmer the fastest - the giant the ginger - the Holocaust the holy cross - the law was broken the lawyer - the Middle Ages the middle ages - the Nile the nine-year compulsory school - the parsley the passage of a law - the prow the psychologist - the royal palace the rucksack - the sidewalks the silk - the story of the invasion the story of the movie was based on - the tin the title of a book - the view the village - the zodiac the zucchini - theory of marketing theory of science - there's no need to there's no point in - thermal pollution thermodynamics - they are they are a regular shape - They're such a bother to make They're too big - third countries in the Mediterranean third country - this is my dad This is my dog - threat to national security threaten - throw throw a ball - thyroid gland


ti be continued - tied sales outlet tier - times table timetable - tinplate and cutlery industry tinsel - titular


tjuv - tjuvar


tmp - tmp


to - to convict somebody of a crime to crop up - to move in with to my remembrance - to the right to the right of - tobacco industry tobacco shop - Tokyo Round told - too bad too bad you didn't see - top and tail top bloke - total catch totally - tourist exchange tourist guide - towel towel rack - town-country relationship town-planning profession - toy cat toy gun - £50 to spend


trace - trade balance trade ban - trade dispute trade event - trade policy trade promotion - trade union trade union confederation - tradeable emission permit trademark - trading operation trading station - traffic offence traffic regulations - training leave training manager - transfer of farms transfer of pension rights - transfrontier pollution transfrontier transport - transition economy transitional - transparency in decision-making transparent - transport economics transport infrastructure - transport market transport network - transport policy transport price - transport statistics transport under customs control - travel travel agency - treasurer treasures - tree tree climber - tricolour tricot - triticale triumph - tropical fruit tropical plant - true true love - tränga sig


T-shirt - tsunami


tub - tungsten tunic - Turkmenistan Turks and Caicos Islands - turnkey factory turnout - tuxedo Tuеsday - Tuеsday


TV - två gånger


twain - twins twins of all ages - two-wheeled vehicle


tycoon - Tyrrhenian Sea


tzar - tzar